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About Us. is for Artists and Designer/Makers.  Hypar is for you!


As Artists/Designer-Makers, we know how important it is to be able to promote and market your work effectively in order to increase your exposure to make those all important sales.  Art Marketplaces are a great way to gain wider exposure as an artist, as they are very affordable and your personal store is easy to manage, with a dashboard to give you all the information needed to successfully run your art/design business.


With Hypar you also receive a very valuable technology – AR 3D Art View – which helps to promote your work in a fun and interactive way.  Buyers are much more likely to complete a purchase if they can see exactly how your art will fit in their own environment.  It’s like bringing your art gallery to your buyer – in the comfort of their own home, office or wherever they are.  They can position art on any wall or surface of their choice – with accurate photorealistic 3D representation of your work; it’s like they can actually see how it appears in real life! This simply cannot be achieved by visiting a bricks and mortar store or a traditional art gallery.


Hypar offers a generous package with a choice of plans with a low subscription/percentage rate, absolutely no listing fees, and an Art Print service.  Getting on board with the Hypar Art Prints service option is a great way to easily make more money from your art and design.  We do all the work of creating the print product design and automatically stocking your store.  Our Print Partners then provide the printing, packing and delivery; so you can get on with what you do best – creating amazing art and design!


Buyers also love marketplaces as they allow for a much wider choice and comparison of products currently available.  Buyers like to get to know the artist behind the work; they can read about their favourite artist in their biography or Profile Page.  They can also communicate directly with the artist if they have any questions, or even wish to commission a piece.  With a highly secure payment system, both buyers and sellers can be confident of a successful sale.


Marketplaces are also a great way of creating a community of likeminded individuals, with support and advice freely available.  Sometimes creatives can find themselves in a solitary working environment – the Hypar Art Marketplace is a fantastic way to build a supportive community especially for those directly affected by the global pandemic.


Whether you want a critique of an artwork, advice on your working practice, or even to learn new skills – Hypar can help you achieve your goals.  With regular Online Exhibitions, you can showcase your work as a featured Artist/Designer.  Hypar also promotes and markets the site online in Google, Social Media channels and Email Newsletters.

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We are on the lookout for fabulous artists and designer/makers to join Hypar Art & Design Platform.  You can try out your fabulous new Art & Design Store for FREE when you join our FREE FOREVER plan today!  No risk involved and you can stay on this FREE plan or upgrade to one of our low cost Paid Plans at any time.  If you want to add Hypar Art Prints service and the AR/3D Art View feature, Paid Plans subscriptions start from just £5 a month for Starter Plan.  Join today and enjoy the benefits of Hypar – we can’t wait to meet you!


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