We’re on the lookout for fabulous artists to join the Hypar Art Hub – where you can exhibit your work and sell art prints in the Hypar Art Store.

There will be various subscriptions available, starting from FREE and a very low or NO commission on any store sales.

You will have access to your very own Artist Page where you can highlight your best work, communicate with customers regarding originals and commissions, and show the world what you do best!  Here’s a sample Artist Page.

The best thing is Hypar manages all the sales, printing and delivery arrangements, you can just sit back and get your monthly payout for any prints sold.  That way you get to do the fun stuff  (your art!) without the tedious administration and sales/marketing work that goes with selling online.


One of the unique things about Hypar Art Hub is the ability to view your art in 3D and Augmented Reality in your own space!  Simply click on the enhanced image to view in 3D and even your own space!  Your customers can see exactly how the art will look on their wall, in their study, their living room – wherever they are!


It’s simple to start, just fill in the short application form, and once you’re on board simply provide us with high quality digital images of your artwork and we’ll do the rest – from creating the special files for AR/3D, creating your product for the store and arranging for the printing/delivery to your customer.  You can choose which types of product you print your art on – from Canvas Gallery Wraps to Premium Framed Art Prints.  The choice is yours!  You can choose one type and one variant, or all available types in all available variants!  You just have to ensure that the digital file you provide is of high enough quality for the larger print sizes.  We will let you know if there are any issues, so don’t worry!

You will get access to your own personal Artist Page where you can edit your profile and much more.

We look forward to meeting you when you join us at the Hypar Art Hub & Store.

Hypar – Art In Your Space, Wherever You Are!