Join Hypar!

  • Exhibit and Sell Worldwide- unlimited original art, design and Hypar Art Prints (dependant on plan).
  • Share and Promote online worldwide – AR/3D Art View allows you to view art in your own space!
  • Three low cost paid plans and even a FREE FOREVER PLAN!





Choose from Free Forever or three Paid Subscription Plans: Starter, Professional & Pro Plus



Complete the Artist Registration Form "Registration to Submit" with your information


Complete the Vendor Registration to set up your store and start uploading your products


Upload your artworks, print files (300dpi) for selling art prints and profile image

Sell Art Prints.

Make more money selling art prints of your originals.

We take care of all the production, printing and delivery aspects of the art print side of your business, saving you time, stress and money!  You can sit back whilst your work makes sales and you can get on with what you do best - creating fabulous art!

Sell Art & Design Downloads.

Make more money selling digital downloads of your art & designs.

Choosing to sell your art and designs as downloadable digital files is easy and quick.  Simply set up your product in store and check "This is a Downloadable Product".  You can provide a URL link or upload the files to your store for download by the customer once purchased.

Sell Art & Design Originals.

Sell your original artworks and designs in your own Hypar Store.

Sell your original art and designs at your price and offer commissions in your own individual Hypar Artist Store. You will have access to a fully functioning Vendor Dashboard which offers a host of tools to help you to successfully manage your art & design store business.

Exhibit Worldwide.

Your own Artist Profile/Gallery Page

With Professional and Professional Plus plans, you get your own Artist Profile/Gallery Page, with a contact form, product links to your store, space to exhibit work in progress, images of your studio, etc. and space for information about your art practice to further promote your work.

Share Art in 3D/AR.

View art in your own space with Augmented Reality Technology

Exclusive to Hypar, we offer 3D/AR technology [AR Art View] to allow you to share your art as a 3D model in Augmented Reality -  art can be viewed in your own space on your own wall, in the office, bedroom, living room so your customers can see exactly how it will look!

1. Paid Plans Available.

There are three Paid Subscription Plans to choose from

You can start for just £5 per month, and always upgrade later on for access to unlimited store products, more print products and more AR/3D Art View features.  There is a different commission level depending on the plan you choose.  Each level has different features to choose from.  Details are below:

Free Forever Plan!

The FREE FOREVER PLAN is, well, FREE FOREVER! You can always upgrade anytime for access to more store products, add-on print products and AR/3D Art View features.  There is a low commission level on all plans.






Select Plan.

Level Price  
STARTER £5.00 per Month. After your initial payment, your first payment is Free. Select
PROFESSIONAL £10.00 per Month. After your initial payment, your first payment is Free. Select
PRO PLUS £15.00 per Month. After your initial payment, your first payment is Free. Select

2. Registration to Submit.

Apply to feature as an Artist/Designer on

If you are an Artist/Designer and wish to be featured at Hypar and have your artwork & designs available to be sold worldwide, please complete the 'Registration to Submit' form:

Choose the Subscription Plan for your Vendor Account - you can easily change plans.
You can choose to sell any or all of the categories in your personal Hypar Art Store.
If Yes please add the correct VRN in the following *field. If No, please ensure you are based in UK - and have a Vat Taxable Turnover of under £85k. Sellers based outside the UK now require a valid VRN to be able to sell on Hypar, regardless of their yearly turnover.
We require you to provide a VRN if you are based in the UK and your annual taxable turnover is over £85k. If you are a seller based outside the UK you have to provide a VRN regardless of your annual turnover.
Please select all that apply
Select the category in which you feel your main body of work fits best.
Please tell us a little about yourself, your inspiration for your particular art, and anything that makes your work unique in its field.
Please choose all that apply

3. Register as a Vendor.

Register to set up your personal Hypar Artist Store.


When you sign up as a Hypar Vendor, you will get access to your own individual Hypar Artist Store where you can add your original artworks for sale and also display the Hypar Art Print products that you wish to sell.  We set up and manage everything for you if you wish to sell prints alongside your originals.  You can choose to sell print products alongside your originals, or just exhibit your originals for sale worldwide.  You can even just sell Hypar Art Prints of your original arworks, the choice is entirely yours!

Check out the Hypar Art Print products that you can choose to sell in your store, alongside your originals.

You will have your own shop URL eg.

You can personalise your own store, add a shop banner, profile image, artist biography, your own terms and conditions, delivery information, and also a contact page for your customers to contact you directly, for example if you offer commissions or for any other enquiries.

Access to the Vendor Dashboard gives you many tools to manage your shop, view orders, page views, upload your new original artwork for sale, generate coupons, view reports,  and most importantly see how much money your store is earning!

Add your Social Media Accounts to your store for easy sharing and promotion of your store and products.

4. Next Steps.

Once we receive your Registration to Submit, Vendor Registration and details of your chosen Subscription Plan, we will send you details of how to *upload your chosen artwork images (*if you have chosen to sell Hypar Art print products).  We will need high quality (300dpi) images for creation of your print products.  The higher the quality, the more options you can choose for your print products.

If you have chosen Professional or Pro Plus Membership, your Artist’s Profile/Gallery Page will be created based on the information you provide on the Registration to Submit form, so please go into as much detail as possible.  You can upload a studio image for your Gallery Page, or a clear headshot if you prefer.  Our buyers like to get to know the artist they are buying from – this also helps to build a rapport and relationship between the art, the artist, and the buyer.  You will be more likely to make a sale if your Artist’s Profile/Gallery Page is interesting and includes lots of information about both you and your art practice.



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