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Cat Taylor.


Everything seen that I create comes from a passion unseen; a living, breathing admiration, fascination and exploration of life in all its forms. I create Art in all media imaginable, often combining traditional media with digital by way of Augmented Reality, a duality of two worlds combined.  One seen, the other unseen.  Digital or traditional art is created and then enhanced with Augmented Reality to create a living, moving, almost breathing artwork with sound, music, animation, film and interaction.  Layer upon layer just waiting to be discovered, to be unfurled, to be seen.

Other work involves using retro 3D anaglyphs, creating an interesting composition when viewed with the naked eye that transforms into a magnificent 3D image using the supplied 3D Red/Cyan ‘glasses’ that come with every print purchased on Hypar.

I also enjoy combining 3D with AR to create multi-layered, playful compositions that delight and intrigue the viewer.  My main subject area is wildlife for which I have a life long passion.  Although recent experiments with landscapes have proved interesting enough for me to pursue this subject further.

My digital works are often produced using iPad and Apple Pencil, the immediacy of the technology and the ability to create print ready works plus content for Augmented Reality inspires me to continuously create.  When I am not “delightfully dabbling with the digital”, you will find me getting messy with charcoal and pastel, acrylic, graphite, inks and oils.

“Everything seen that I create comes from a passion unseen; a living, breathing admiration, fascination and exploration of life in all its forms.”

Cat Taylor.


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Chelsea College of Art & Design – 1996-1997

I won a scholarship to Chelsea College of Art in 1996 where I studied a wide range of subjects including Fine Art, Drawing and Graphic Design.  I graduated with Merit in 1997.

BA Hons Graphic Design – June 2014

Studied Graphic Design and graduated University of Sussex, BA Hons Graphic Design. Spent three years researching Print Based Augmented Reality. My final honours project was an Augmented Reality Interactive Illustrated Book Design – “The Matsuyama Mirror” adapted from a traditional Japanese Folk Tale.  My dissertation : “From Codex to Code” researching how we interact with the page has changed historically and with the advent of  new technologies such as Augmented Reality.

Augmented Reality Art Exhibition – January 2017

Private view and public exhibition at Croydon Gallery showcasing my new Augmented Reality Art – original acrylic ink on canvas enhanced with Augmented Reality digital sound, music, film and animation.

MA Virtual & Augmented Reality – September 2020

Currently studying for a Masters Degree at Goldsmiths University, London.



Current Projects

  • Augmented Reality Landscape Art
  • Augmented Reality Wildlife Art
  • Digital Art Landscape Series
  • Augmented Reality Book Design – “Beyond The Final Wall”
  • 3D Anaglyph Art Series
  • Interactive AR/QR Board Game Design “Qrisis”
  • I am also a web designer/developer and undertake both e-commerce and gallery web projects for selected clients.  Aso Develop 3DARWeb applications for e-commerce sites.


  • AR Print Book: The Night Before Christmas
  • AR Print Book: The Matsuyama Mirror
  • iBook – The Matsuyama Mirror
  • iBook – From Codex to Code
  • iBook – Augmented Reality

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Unit 9 Rochester CLS
London, United Kingdom
(+44) 07447 127570

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Monday - Friday: 10am - 5pm
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